Solving Common IT Problems for Businesses

Nearly all businesses will operate with IT systems, as computers and the internet help many businesses run efficiently, and is often the main place where most work is carried out.  Many IT services include the installation of e-mails, connectivity, hardware and software.  Members of staff are able to share documents and work collaboratively, quicker than they would without the use of information technology, which is why it is so important.

Solving Computer Failures

For some, the technical side to computers can be somewhat daunting, as although we may know how to use one, when something goes wrong it often may be that the problem is out of our hands.  An IT support company can be called out to help with many of these issues, to get your business back up and running in no time. On the other hand, if you are concerned that you have lots of important data on your computers – and would like extra protection just in case the worst does happen, a company who offers IT support services would be able to install a type of backup system, and disaster recovery programs.

How IT Support Services Can Help

A company who provides IT support services will be able to help when you may not have the knowledge at hand to fix technical issues within computers.  Extra support and advice can also be provided to in-house IT teams so problems can be dealt with quickly should they occur, which is always a good source to have in any business.  Support services may also be able to help with the following:

  • Telecommunications (smartphones, landlines etc.)
  • Remote Working
  • Mobile Working
  • Data Storage
  • Servers
  • Backups
  • Domain Names
  • Connectivity

Prevention Comes First

Being able to have IT support will mean that you can take the necessary actions to prevent future problems from occurring, so that your business won’t be let down at the last minute by any malfunctions. There have been cases before where companies have had to send employee’s home due to problems with computers, as work cannot be completed or accessed. To avoid this, speak to an IT company today to find out how they can help you further.

Dunston IT provide IT support services in Hampshire, for more information you can give them a call on 01252 406 420, or you can visit their website.


Why is IT support so important for schools?

ict support for schools

The IT landscape is constantly changing, and it can often be very difficult for school staff to keep track of updates whilst also being responsible for the good education of the next generation – that’s no easy job!


An IT support company that you can rely on as a school is of the utmost importance for so many reasons, but the biggest of those is confidence.

A good, professional IT support company can give you the confidence you deserve in your ICT management. It can enable you to manage successful change. If you were about to undergo a huge overhaul of your software or computers, the right company could work with you on that task to ensure that everything runs smoothly, or even take it out of your hands completely.

Expert Advice

Or perhaps you’re planning an even bigger shift in your ICT culture, such as beginning to store some data in the cloud? Most support companies are experts in this too, and will support you every step of the way.

Technology Teaching

Schools’ IT support experts can also work closely with you to help you embed ICT into teaching and learning, which is such an important element of all schools in this day and age. As the way children learn and the way government policy evolves to focus more and more around technology, the steps you take towards securing your ICT management become more and more important.

You need to know that if you plan a lesson around a specific piece of IT software, or even just book the ICT suite for a block of time, that everything will go to plan and all learning objectives will be met successfully.

Resolving Issues

When something goes wrong, you need to know that there will always be somebody on the other end of the phone who can solve IT issues quickly and in the most cost-effective way possible. IT support for schools can give you that guarantee. All in all, IT support is one of the most important assets of any good school – and the most sensible way to make sure you’re always covered, no matter what happens.

If your school needs this kind of peace of mind why not get in touch with the Dunston team today to find out more about our ICT support for schools in your area.

Why move to The Cloud?

The Cloud

What is The Cloud exactly?

You may have heard ‘The Cloud’ mentioned in many conversations with those who use or are fascinated by this clever system. It is an innovative way of storing and running internet applications.  Traditionally desktops often had everything stored on them, and things such as memory sticks or computer memory were used to store data. The Cloud offers real convenience for any user; it allows a large amount of storage space which is safely secured, and you can access this as long as you have a connection to the internet.

In essence, The Cloud has become one of the most popular sources of internet systems that exists to date. It’s an online system that has many advantages, such as:

  • Recovery: If you have previously lost all your data from your desktop or laptop, and have not been able to get it back, you will understand what a nightmare and stressful time it can be. If you are a business in particular, you cannot afford to lose valuable information on the clients that you work with, or any projects that you are working on.  Losing valuable data can be difficult to get back if you do not have a storage system in place.  This is where The Cloud is convenient – you can store and access things directly from it. So even if you accidentally delete a file from your desktop, as long as it is saved on The Cloud you will still have this file there.
  • Collaborative Working: I’m sure many can familiarise with not being able to send or attach large files to e-mails to send to staff or clients. With The Cloud this is no longer an issue, as you can allow access to files so that staff or clients can view them. There are security provisions in place too, so that any sensitive and confidential information can be protected by allowing only certain users to view it. Being able to share files through The Cloud can be a convenient way to persuade and influence collaborative working, it saves time and is hassle free.
  • Security: the one thing that everyone usually says is that they want something that is secure. So if you risk losing your phone, laptop, or your technology that you work from is unfortunately stolen, then with The Cloud you won’t need to worry that the information could be permanently lost. If you have stored files within The Cloud, they simply will still remain there when you access it from another device – using the same log in details for The Cloud.
  • Flexibility: The Cloud offers a large amount of data to store your files, you won’t have to worry about working from USBs, or even internal servers (which may take up a lot of room). The Cloud doesn’t take up any space, as it is all stored online through the internet.  You can access your files 24/7 wherever you are, even if you are in another part of the world.

The Cloud is a modern, innovative way to store files, and access applications. It is proving to be beneficial for both business use and personal use.

Dunston IT are able to offer a variety of IT Solutions in Hampshire, including Cloud services. For more information you can visit

Why Small Businesses Choose To Use IT Support

In most cases, small businesses tend to have a lot to deal with because they often don’t have dedicated departments for specialist areas such as IT. The budget will not always stretch to having qualified personnel in house to deliver the technical support and computer related help to other staff within the business. This is why more and more small businesses choose to use an IT support Berkshire business to cover their IT support and network related issues.

By using a combination of onsite and remote access support, IT support companies are able to monitor the computer systems of their clients so that they can tackle any problems as soon as they occur, rather than having to wait for a member of staff to notice that something is not functioning correctly. Remote network monitoring can be carried out on a 24/7 basis so that even when the company is closed, the systems are continually monitored to ensure that everything is fully operational during office hours.

One of the most common reasons for small businesses to turn to IT support companies is because they don’t want to risk losing any important data. Computer-based work makes up a sizeable portion of the daily tasks of many workers, and yet if this work is not backed up correctly to an off-site location there is a danger that if an emergency, such as a fire, was to destroy the building all of the work could be lost and thus the survival of the business could be in jeopardy.

Making regular back-ups of important data and putting disaster recovery plans into place are two of the reasons why businesses will hire a computer network support company. Another reason will be for help and support in installing hardware and software and configuring networks so that all the necessary devices such as printers are installed.

Increasing numbers of businesses are choosing to move their important data onto the cloud. However, large percentages of businesses are also intimidated by the idea of the cloud technology and require help transferring their data. IT support companies are experienced in transferring all of companies important data files over to cloud technology, as well as training employees to be able to cope with using cloud tools on a daily basis.

Finally, businesses may use an IT support company to eradicate any connectivity issues that they may face. Some businesses rely heavily on being connected to the internet and thus they cannot operate efficiently if there is any downtime on their networks.

For more information on the services that an IT support company can provide, you can visit the Dunston IT website.

Why the Modern Business Chooses to Outsource IT Services

Traditionally businesses would handle most of the work they required in-house.  It would make sense for them to build their business around the skill set of the people they employ and whilst this is still true, the modern business operates slightly differently as it recognises that to offer an efficient service it is not necessary to have all of the skills under one roof.  Many businesses choose to outsource certain elements of their business requirements in order to save money, save on the space and time required to hire staff and ultimately to gain access to certain expertise.

IT services are a popular candidate for outsourcing as many modern businesses simply do not have the space within their premises to house an IT department or it may be that they do not have the number of IT issues to warrant paying staff to cover this on a full time basis.  By outsourcing their IT services, companies can save money on employing full time staff and at the same time have the reassurance that there are experts on hand should they have any issues.

The main areas of expertise that IT support companies can offer to their clients include networking support, help with hardware and software and disaster recovery planning.  Many businesses will want to have their own internal network of computers and the only way to set this up successfully is to have it installed and configured by the experts.  This will be beneficial as if there is any downtime in terms of internet connection the business can still function, plus having your own in house server increases security.

Hardware and software form vital parts of the computing process and yet if businesses have issues with PCs or the programmes they are trying to run on them it can cost them heavily if they are unable to complete their work.  Having an IT support expert on hand can enable them to delegate any issues with computers or the network so that they can get on with running their business.

There are so many areas of expertise that outsourced IT companies can offer including helping businesses move into the cloud environment which enables a more flexible working style for modern businesses. You can visit to find out more about outsourcing your IT support.