Why is IT support so important for schools?

ict support for schools

The IT landscape is constantly changing, and it can often be very difficult for school staff to keep track of updates whilst also being responsible for the good education of the next generation – that’s no easy job!


An IT support company that you can rely on as a school is of the utmost importance for so many reasons, but the biggest of those is confidence.

A good, professional IT support company can give you the confidence you deserve in your ICT management. It can enable you to manage successful change. If you were about to undergo a huge overhaul of your software or computers, the right company could work with you on that task to ensure that everything runs smoothly, or even take it out of your hands completely.

Expert Advice

Or perhaps you’re planning an even bigger shift in your ICT culture, such as beginning to store some data in the cloud? Most support companies are experts in this too, and will support you every step of the way.

Technology Teaching

Schools’ IT support experts can also work closely with you to help you embed ICT into teaching and learning, which is such an important element of all schools in this day and age. As the way children learn and the way government policy evolves to focus more and more around technology, the steps you take towards securing your ICT management become more and more important.

You need to know that if you plan a lesson around a specific piece of IT software, or even just book the ICT suite for a block of time, that everything will go to plan and all learning objectives will be met successfully.

Resolving Issues

When something goes wrong, you need to know that there will always be somebody on the other end of the phone who can solve IT issues quickly and in the most cost-effective way possible. IT support for schools can give you that guarantee. All in all, IT support is one of the most important assets of any good school – and the most sensible way to make sure you’re always covered, no matter what happens.

If your school needs this kind of peace of mind why not get in touch with the Dunston team today to find out more about our ICT support for schools in your area.